management system  

In the continuos pursue of the "total" Quality we obtained:

- the certification ISO 9001:94 in 2000,
- the conversion to ISO 9001:2000 in 2003,
- the conversion to ISO 9001:2008 in 2009.

It is possible to download a copy of the last certificate obtained from this link Certificato-pdf.

Over the time we have furthermore implemented a management system that,
in addition to the "Quality in the strict meaning," includes:

- Safety at work Management

- Environmental sustainability Management (relating to the waste process).

Through the Management System Policy we aim to achieve the highest degree of satisfaction of our Customers. This encourages us every day to develop advanced technological innovations for our machines, to reduce as much as possible the delivery times and to improve constantly our after sales services.

It is possible to download a copy of the Management System Policy from this link Politica-pdf.

To pursue steadily the goal of consistently growing, the relationships that we
establish with our Customers / Suppliers are not confined to the subject of
"contract" but they include necessarily the mutual knowledge of our respective
needs / potentialities. For this reason, with both of them, we aim to establish fruitful relations of close cooperation which allows a collective development.

We are in fact conscious that the cornerstone, in the search of perfection, are
the useful comments and the fruitful suggestions that come, directly from the
"field", by our Customers, our Supplier and our Co-Workers.

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