Design, production, installation and servicing of automatic lines and machines for rigid set-up boxes and technical paper manufacturing

Lines for the production of rigid set up boxes
(luxury boxes, luxury packaging, gift boxes, wine and spirit boxes, shirt and shoes boxes, make-up and toiletry boxes, biscuits and cakes boxes, ring binder boxes, cd dvd and book boxes, cylindrical boxes).

Laminating Lines for the production of technical paper flat boards
(game boards, display stands, posters and calendars).

As well as being the world leaders in the manufacture of automatic lines for the production of rigid set-up cardboard boxes, we are also a leading manufacturer of automatic laminating and case-making lines for the production of flat boards and game boards.

We have always been responsible for the entire manufacturing process, from quality to design and engineering. In addition to having an extensive Research and Development department that uses 2D-3D CAD design technology and relying on the help of university centers when needed, we also have a complete production area which includes a machine tool shop and CAM-assisted NC work zones where we manufacture high-technology mechanic component parts. In addition, we also maintain a carpentry area, a painting and burnishing area, an assembly area, and a testing area.


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+   1974 - 1983

Emmeci S.p.A., which is currently based in Cerreto Guidi (Florence) was founded in 1974 in Fucecchio (Florence) when Mr. Calugi and Mr. Menichetti, with backgrounds in technical service and in the repair of industrial box making machinery, joined forces and incorporated Emmeci s.n.c., specializing in the repair and overhauling of industrial machinery.
After a few years´ fruitful experience, the founding partners knew the time had come to design and manufacture their own machines and that´s how in 1982 Emmeci´s first machine came into being. The first machine was the automatic Lidding MC L82, which was followed in 1999 by the MC L99 which is still in production today. The L99 soon became a bestseller, first in Italy, then in the rest of the world. The secrets of the success of this machine have been its high-quality construction, combined with high-yield throughput and great reliability in manufacturing. Over 200 automatic Emmeci lidding machines have been sold throughout the world.

+   1984 - 1993

In 1984, the company changed its name to Emmeci s.r.l. when Mr. Marabotti, a designer of proven systems and outstanding experience, joined the company. This led to the development of Emmeci´s first automatic gluer which features a patented cogged section to drive the conveyor belt instead of the classical brake/clutch solution. Soon after, Emmeci introduced its first Automatic Spotter that was based on a new concept allowing much more accuracy in its positioning function and much faster change-over feature.
These machines, which revolutionized the market by producing more reliable, better and more accurate products, were followed by Emmeci´s first Automatic Wrapper and Emmeci´s first Automatic Quad Stayer, In 1992 Emmeci combined these machines and introduced the Automatic Line MC92. Each machine could still be connected with other commercial machines or lines. The MC92, based primarily on mechanical principles, was exhibited for the first time at the Converflex Fair in Milan in 1992, where it was an instant hit.

+   1994 - 2003

Then in 1994, at the Gec fair, also in Milan, Emmeci introduced its next Line based on the strength of the successful experience of the MC92. At that time, the company presented the "miniature" line MC94 for the production of smaller rigid set-up boxes. The MC94 was immediately a great success as well.

In the four years between 1994 and 1998, the company expanded rapidly. It opened a branch in Paris, Emmeci Europa S.a.r.l. in 1994, moved from Fucecchio to Cerreto Guidi, in an industrial site occupying approximately 2200 square meters owned by the company (1996), and set up another branch, Emmeci USA, L.L.C., in Providence, Rhode Island, USA (1998).

Between 2000 and 2001, Emmeci introduced two laminating and case making lines, MC2000 and MC2001, which, using the same technology as the rigid set-up box lines, were instant successes worldwide. Shortly after, Emmeci grew beyond the capabilities of the building unveiled in 1996, so in 2002 Emmeci began to build a new manufacturing facility of approximately 9000 square meters just in front of the old site and relocated there in 2004.

In the early part of 2003, Emmeci developed the MC94 UB, a line for the production of un-stayed rigid set-up boxes. The Line was first sold in the US. In September 2003, Alessandro Lelli, who had a decade-long background in the management of other leading industrial groups, became CEO of Emmeci group.

+   2004 - 2007

During the Drupa fair in 2004, the company launched the Mechatronic line MC2004MEB for the production of rigid set-up boxes. The line had been designed and developed as a synergic combination of mechanics and electronics to offer a high level of accuracy, automation and flexibility so as to reduce set-up and size change times, which made it ideal for the production of small batches.

At the Converflex fair in May 2006, the company introduced two extremely innovative lines, MC2006 SCB and MC2001 ME SL/WL. The MC 2006 SCB was targeted for markets that were previously only served by manual productions, in the area of slipcases for ring binders, slipcases for medium- and large-size books, bottle containers, and special cases and containers. The MC 2001 ME SL/WL, which was developed just after that, is the Mechatronic evolutions of the laminating and case making lines. Innovations included increasing the production yield rate by 30% as well as providing a higher degree of accuracy.

In 2007 Emmeci launched the third Mechatronic laminating line, the MC2007 ME SL/WL capable of processing laminating products up to 800mm X 1400mm in size.

+   2008 - 2009

In March 2008, Emmeci S.r.l., the parent company of Emmeci group, went public under the name Emmeci S.p.A., while at the Drupa fair in 2008, the Company gave a world preview of its MC2004 MEB ST, a new evolution of the Mechatronic box line MC2004 MEB. This line includes a Mechatronic Quad Stayer which can produce rigid boxes using the traditional stay tape technology.

In November 2008, Mauro Mazzinghi, with many years in the management of other leading paper companies under his belt, was appointed Emmeci´s new CEO.

At the Converflex fair in March 2009 Emmeci presented in preview the Mechatronic line MC2008 ME CB, first line created for the production of cylindrical rigid set-up boxes.

+   2010 - 2012

Since the first months of 2010, Mazzinghi has been working at a "corporate organisational/hierarchical shakeup" in terms of:

- improved description of roles and responsibilities for the corporate processes,

- streamlining/simplification of the corporate organisation, reducing its "vertical" character by rationalising its technical-organisational structure and appointing a General Manager in support of the CEO,

- decentralisation of several responsibilities, thus making the most of the experienced, highly-professional staff.

At the same time, Mazzinghi is continuing and increasing its investments in infrastructure and equipment.

Because of the above, in the two years 2010-2012, Emmeci pursued more and more improvements that led it to achieve amazing targets, as may be directly and/or indirectly found,:

• in its machinery (processing lines, standalone machinery, kits, etc) in terms of better performance, increased user-friendliness and technological innovation that, by redefining operating principles that had been "traditionally" regarded as "unchangeable", do deliver quality standards that had always been considered to be unattainable and which set a new standard in the "premium" box and laminated products market,

• in all those services that, in addition to its machinery, Emmeci provides to its customers (especially after the implementation of a remote assistance service to test/change/update the on-board electronic settings of the latest-generation machinery),

• in the strengthening of its relationships with its suppliers and staff through an increased climate of cohesion, mutual respect and esteem.

As part of such targets, at the Drupa fair in May 2012, Emmeci presented its last-born child, the MC2012 MEB, a mechatronic box line that can produce boxes from "cross-shaped", "T-shaped" or "H-shaped" punched cardboard.

In the late 2012, Emmeci launched the MC64, a mitering machine which is the evolution of the MC-TA98.

+   2013-2014

Since the first months of 2013 Emmeci further develops the MC2012 line to have up to 300mm sealed boxes whose stay tape is always perfectly aligned to the box edges thanks to a controlled application.

At the same time, during the years 2013/2014 Emmeci:

- concludes the project and the prototyping of the MC79 robotic lidding-filling machine, an absolute innovation in the lidding and filling process of "small size" boxes,

- concludes the project and prototyping of the MC2004 APP line (Advanced Performance Plunger), which is an evolution of the MC2004 and it is maximally automated to obtain boxes having a perfect aesthetic finish,

- produces and installs the third "MC2001 double line", a system to automatically produce "small-medium-large" size laminated/board wrapped products also having the so-called "mirror",

- concludes the development of the MC2008 system by placing a "stock" belt between its two wrapping lines (lid and side) and by providing it with a "pincer" to align the side wrapping paper of the box,

- develops and installs systems to produce boxes whose wrapping sheet, spread with HotMelt technology adhesive only on specific portions of the sheet itself ("selective gluing"), is made adhere to the respective "raw" box (formed cardboard) only where it is desired,

- develops the project and starts the prototyping of the MC82 robotic lidding-filling machine, an absolute innovation in the lidding and filling process of "medium/big size" boxes.

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