03.10 - 03.12 Improvements/Investments (06.03.12)
13-03-2012 -

In the pursuit of continuous improvement as its target, along with the overall organisational shake-up that began in March 2010, in the last two years Emmeci has kept investing all the time in the lifelong training of its staff and/or in employing new staff, in infrastructure and equipment.

The organisational shake-up has resulted in the "improvement of the company´s hierarchy":

• By optimising the organisation chart, which meant a better definition of roles and responsibilities for the company´s processes as well as reducing/streamlining/easing the company´s hierarchy (less "verticalisation" by rationalising the technical-organisational structure and by appointing a General Manager in support of the management/CEO),

• By decentralising responsibilities, which meant giving prominence to its more experienced, highly-skilled staff.

Along with such organisational shake-up, its investments in infrastructure and equipment have been continued as well, with the most important ones summed up in the enclosed document here below.

All this did and does deliver endless developments, which have a direct and/or indirect impact on:

• Emmeci machines (production lines, standalone machinery, kits, etc..), improving their efficiency, user-friendliness and technological innovation, which, by redefining those operational principles that "had always be regarded as immovable", enable the company to achieve quality standards that were assumed to be attainable so far and which will be taken as a benchmark for its "premium" boxes and paperboards products,

• In addition to its machines, all the services provided by Emmeci to its customers, especially through the implementation of a remote assistance service which is available on the latest-generation machinery, to test/change the machines´ electronic settings,

• The strengthening of the company´s relations with its suppliers and staff, through an improved feeling of cohesion, mutual respect and esteem.

Emmeci is confident that, if it keeps moving in this direction, the future improvements will be even wider and, with this belief, it invites its customers, suppliers and staff to the Expo 2012 in Düsseldorf.

----------------------------------Chief Executive Officer -----------------------------------
------------------------------------- Mauro Mazzinghii----------------------------------------

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