Beware of "Counterfeits" ___ (16.10.2010)
16-10-2010 -

To protect our image and above all our customers we feel the need to point out the following fraudulent cases (attempted by other manufacturers or alleged manufacturers or by businesses/people without a real employment with/in Emmeci or with/in our branches/subsidiares or by businesses/people not expressly authorised by Emmeci) that recently happened quite frequently generating confusion in the market of reference.

Supply/sale of new or used non-original Emmeci machinery/spare parts that trying to reproduce Emmeci machinery.

Use of Emmeci machinery images to promote machinery made by other manufacturers.

Use of the Emmeci logo/brand/name.

Supply/sale of after sales services, Assistance/Spare Parts for Emmeci machinery.

Our customers (and in general, those who want to buy machinery for box factories and paper industry such as machinery/lines for manufacturing flat cardboard boxes, coupling machinery/lines, stand-alone machinery such as mitering and lidding machines) are thus recommended to take advantage of our services by addressing "Emmeci" branches only ( WHERE WE ARE).

----------------------- Chairman and Chief Executive Officer---------------------
----------------------------------- Mauro Mazzinghi

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