MC2004 APP
The MC2004 APP is an automatic mechatronic line for manufacturing rigid set-up boxes, which is revolutionary in terms of:

technological innovation.

better performance,

user-friendliness and reduced noise.

Evolution of the MC2004 MEB, the MC2004 APP line provided with the maximum automation to get boxes with perfect aesthetic finish, for the typical parallelepiped box-shaped and even for boxes of particular "polyhedral" shape until today produced just manually.

Besides the traditional "stay-tape system" (ST), in an total innovative way the seam of the boxes can also occur with "hot-melt system" (HM) by which, using a special cardboard suitably milled along the edges to be coupled with the forming of the box, a jet of melted glue is projected along the blank milled edges and, once formed the box, quickly cooled.

This kind of box, excellent also from an aesthetic point of view, allows very high level of packaging with perfectly sharp edges, ie edges whose radius/chamfer is practically equal to zero.
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