MC2012 MEB
The MC 2012 MEB ST/HM is an automatic mechatronic line for manufacturing coated rigid cardboard boxes, which is revolutionary in terms of:

• better performance,

• user-friendliness,

• technological innovation.

By redefining operating principles that had "historically" been viewed as "unchangeable", such line may achieve quality standards that had assumedly been unattainable so far, standards that become the market´s new benchmark for aesthetically excellent "premium" boxes, resulting in top-of-the-range packaging products.

Unique of its kind, this line has been designed to automatically produce:

• from either Cross or T shaped die-cut cardboard, the typical parallelepiped boxes, sawn together with the "traditional Stay Tape technique",

• from H-shaped die-cut cardboard, the typical parallelepiped boxes, sawn together with the "Hot Melt gluing technique",

• in addition to the typical parallelepiped boxes, special "polyhedral" boxes that have only been manually produced so far.

Among the multiple technological breakthroughs inbuilt in this line, we have only mention the "sewing" of the box , which is made from "cross"- or "T"- shaped die-cut cardboard, "a sewing" that, as we mentioned before, uses the "Stay-Tape technique" and for which, with a cutting-edge device, the stay-tape is always perfectly lined up with the corners of the box, even with very high boxes up to 300mm.





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